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DSC Maxsys 4020

DSC Maxsys 4020

The DSC Maxsys 4020 alarm system is step up from the Power Series line that is generally reserved for very large homes and in large commercial / industrial buildings It starts out capable of 16 zones and can do up to 128 zones with expansion cards. The DSC Maxsys 4020 model offers 8 possible area partitions and can accommodate up to 1500 user entry codes. A unique feature to the Maxsys 4020 is it's ability to integrate door access control for a building and it can be added to the system very affordably compared to the cost of a stand alone door access control system with the same features.
DSC LCD4501 16 zone LCD Programmable Message Keypad
DSC MAXKIT Access Control Starter Kit
DSC PC4020NK MAXSYS 16-128 zone control panel with cabinet
DSC PC4108 8 Zone Hardwire Expander for PC4020
DSC PC4116 16 Zone Hardwire Expander for PC4020
DSC PC4204 4 Output Power Supply for PC4020
DSC PC4204CX Power Supply/Relay Output/Repeater
DSC PC4216 16 Programmable Ouput Module
DSC PC4401 Data Interfaced Module for PC4020
DSC PC4632 32 Point Graphic Annuciator
DSC PC4664 64 Point Graphic Annunciator
DSC PC4820 2 Reader Access Control Module
DSC RF4164433 MAXSYS 433MHZ 64 Zone Wireless Receiver

More About DSC Maxsys 4020

All DSC Maxsys 4020 systems and accessories feature a 1 year parts warranty.