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Alarm Monitoring Services

Alarm Monitoring Services

Whether you want to self-monitor, have professional central station based alarm monitoring, have remote control of your alarm system, remote control of your smart home, remote video monitoring, or any combination of these; we have affordable alarm monitoring services to fit your needs.
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More About Alarm Monitoring Services

One of the most popular services for an alarm system is central station monitoring. This is for good reason. Having a central station that is there 24/7 to respond to any alarm situations you may have, whether you are home or not, can give you peace of mind. If there is an intrusion, a fire, or any other emergency that causes your alarm system to go off the central station gets notified. They will then first make an attempt to contact you to check if everything is alright and to see if this is a false alarm. If they cannot reach you or if you say that it is not a false alarm, they will then immediately call the proper authorities for you. is one of the industry leaders in remote access to and integration of home security and automation. They have a great interface that will pull together your security system, Z-Wave devices, and IP cameras into one smartphone app or web portal. offers a slew of awesome features. They break up their services into various plans so that you only pay for the features that you want. Each successive level of service offers everything from the levels before it. The first level that they offer is their wireless signal forwarding service. With this service they will send your alarm panel’s alarm reporting signal to your central station. While this is included in the price of all of the Interactive Services, you are not required to use it if you do not want central station monitoring. From there they offer three levels of interactive services: Basic Interactive, Advanced Interactive, and Interactive Gold. Basic Interactive gives you a range of features that are great for self-monitoring and general convenience. Some of the features include remote arming and disarming, changing user codes and permissions, geo services, and many customizable notifications. Advanced Interactive will give you 24/7 sensor monitoring and notifications regardless of the alarm state. Interactive Gold offers a large number of new features. One of the main offerings of Interactive Gold is the home automation remote control. This gives you many convenient and energy saving features. also offers video services as a standalone or add-on service. The video services get integrated into the same place making for a very user-friendly experience.

We also offer Honeywell’s Total Connect services. Honeywell has been around for a long time and has a ton of brand name recognition and following. Much like, Honeywell breaks up their Total Connect Services. They offer alarm services. This gives you access to your Honeywell alarm panel through the Total Connect app. You can arm, disarm, and receive notifications to name a few of the features. Then they offer automation services. This will allow you to control your connected Z-Wave devices remotely. Total Connect’s alarm and automation services require that you have central station monitoring. Honeywell also offers a Total Connect Video service that is a standalone or add-on service. They allow you to connect up to four Total Connect cameras to view remotely. Total Connect Video does not require you to have central station monitoring.