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Elk M1 Security & Automation

The Elk M1 Series of security and automation panels consists of two different platforms. The M1EZ8 and the M1 Gold. Both are similar in many respects, with the M1 Gold model offering more features. The Elk M1 Series is a cross platform system capable of security, fire, access control and energy and automation all in one robust control.

All systems we sell are new and factory fresh with the latest firmware versions. All systems and equipment include full user, installation and programming manuals. Please note however that we do not currently offer setup and programming support for either of these Elk systems.

Note: Kits are specially priced and individual kit pieces may not be returned for refund.
ELK M1 Security & Automation Kits ELK M1 Keypads

ELK M1 Security & Automation Kits

We offer a variety of models from ELK in many different kit configurations.

ELK M1 Keypads

ELK M1 Keypads for the ELK M1 Series alarm systems.
ELK M1 Expansion Modules ELK M1 Wireless Sensors & Remotes

ELK M1 Accessories & Expansion Modules

Expand the capabilities of your ELK M1 system. Zone expanders, X10 and remote phone access to control the system are just a couple popular options available.

ELK M1 Wireless Sensors & Remotes

All of the ELK alarm systems we sell are capable of using wireless as well as hardwired with the addition of a receiver. ELK offers a wide array of wireless sensors and remotes.
All Elk M1 Security & Automation systems and accessories come with a full parts & labor warranty of one year.
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