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Wireless Alarm Sensors

We offer a huge variety of wireless alarm sensors for every brand of wireless alarm system we sell.

Click the brand of wireless alarm sensor you are interested in below to see the wireless sensors available.

DSC Wireless Sensors
DSC wireless contacts, wireless motions, glassbreaks and more!
Honeywell Security Wireless Sensors
Honeywell Security Wireless Sensors such as wireless contacts, wireless motions, glassbreaks and more!
GE UTC Wireless Sensors
GE UTC Wireless Sensors - wireless contacts, wireless motions, glassbreaks and more!
All wireless alarm systems and accessories come with a full parts & labor warranty of one year.

Nearly all of the alarm systems we sell are capable of doing wireless, even if they are by default a hardwired system out of the box. Most all hardwired security systems are in fact what we call "hybrids" today, meaning they can do both wired and wireless. You will sometimes however need to add a module to unlock this capability.

Wireless alarm sensors are a popular option among DIY (do it yourselfers). While it's not always been the case, modern wireless security sensors are every bit as secure and reliable as their hardwired counterpart. And with average battery life of 3 to 5 years, long term maintenance is no longer an issue either in the pro grade wireless systems we offer.

Wireless sensors do cost more than hardwired sensors. Often times though when you factor in the time and effort to run a hardwire line to a sensor as well any mess that may be created in the process, the premium price of wireless is not so bad. Clean, fast and easy makes wireless a top choice more often than not.
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