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System Sensor P2RL Wall Mount Fire Horn Strobe Combo


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System Sensor P2RL Wall Mount Fire Horn Strobe Combo

 The System Sensor P2RL Wall Mount Horn Strobe Combo unit is a siren that has a built in strobe light. You can use these with fire systems such as the Silent Knight or Fire-Lite panels. You can also add these to any of our hardwired alarm systems as well. The unit comes with all the mounting hardware you need. You will mount these on the wall. The dimensions of the P2RL are 5.6" L x 4.7" W x 1.25" D. The power rating for this horn is 8 to 17.5 VDC (12 VDC nominal) or 16 to 33 VDC (24 VDC nominal). To wire the siren into the fire or alarm system you will use 12-18 gauge two conductor wire.

The P2RL has 5 different tones that are broken down into 10 selectable levels. You will set these using a dial on the unit itself. You have a high/low temporal tone, a low/high non-temporal tone, a 3.1 KHz high/low temporal tone, a 3.1 KHz non-temporal high/low tone, a coded high tone, and a 3.1 KHz coded high tone.

The horn will have different current draws based on the tone that you choose. The power draw will range from 28 - 54 mA depending on what level of tone you choose.

The candela rating for the strobe light will vary based on settings. It can be anywhere from 15-185 candelas. The current draw for the candela ratings will also vary from 18-143 mA based on the settings.

If you'd like to read more on the install and specifications of the different settings of this horn then you can read the data/install sheet HERE

P2RL Installation manual
P2RL Data sheet


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  • Can this horn strobe be above 97 db on low & high volume at 10 ft if it runs on 24 VDC, 33 volts? Can this or any other fire alarm horn strobe brand be installed in houses?

    The data sheet list a max db of 90. I don't see at what range this was measured at however, but I doubt it was at 10 ft. I see no reason it can't be installed in a home.