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LSD REB12 1/2" ReBore-Zit - 3/8" Pilot Size (62-348)


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LSD REB12 1/2" ReBore-Zit  - 3/8" Pilot Size (62-348)

The 1/2" ReBore-Zit is a drill bit that can be used to resize an already existing hole. This drill bit can be used to resize a smaller hole if you're upgrading your contacts from say a 3/8" size to a 1/2" size. 

The bit has a hollow-bodied drill bit with a free-spinning center. This center has an eyelet that you can attach your existing wiring to. The bit won't twist the wire due to the free-spinning center. This way you can drill the new size hole and help you keep track of your existing wire at the same time. This has a 3/8" pilot size to accommodate your current your current drilled hole.