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DSC LC-151 Dual Technology Outdoor Motion Detector


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DSC LC-151 Dual Technology Outdoor Motion Detector

You all have been asking for this one and we are excited to bring it to you! The LC-151 is an outdoor rated motion detector with a dual lens functionality. Dual lens motion detectors help cut down on the instance of false alarms that happen frequently with standard motion detectors because two levels of motion must be detected before an alarm event is triggered.

The LC-151 has a passive infared sensor combined with a microwave sensor for microwave detection. These two ranges detect intruders without detecting pets or other animals and provide the highest level of accuracy.


Dimensions (6.9" x 2.8" x 1.8")
Weight 210gr (0.46 lb)
Detection Method Single (Two Elements) PIR & Microwave Pulse Doppler
Power Input 9.6 to 16VDC
Current Draw (Stby) 21mA (?5%)
Current Draw (Active) 24mA (?5%)
Microwave Frequency 10.525 GHz
Tamper Switch: Contact Rating N.C 28VDC0.1 A with 10 Ohm Series protection resistors
RF Immunity 10 V/m plus 80% AM from 80 MHz to 2GHz
Operating Temperatures -35?C~+55?C (-31?F-131?F)
IP Rating IP 65


LC-151 Installation manual