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Honeywell Resideo PROA7C Wireless Touchscreen Alarm System


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Honeywell Resideo PROA7C Wireless Touchscreen Alarm System

The PROA7C is a part of the PROSeries set of alarm systems from Honeywell Home and Resideo. This all wireless, touchscreen alarm system is essentially a lower-cost version of the PROA7PLUSC. To drop that cost, the PROA7C does not have the PROWIFIZW wifi and z-wave card installed before shipping like the PROA7PLUSC. All of the other features are the exact same, and the PROA7 is the exact same system, just without the wifi and z-wave module. If you are looking at monitoring the system via the PROLTE cellular card and have no desire for wifi or z-wave capability, this panel can save you on up-front costs for the system. Of course, the PROWIFIZW module is easily added if wanted though. 

The PROA7C alarm system is capable of handling up to 250 security zones across the whole panel. These can be a combination of the new PROSIX wireless as well as legacy devices such as the 5800 Series wireless from Honeywell and Resideo. By default, the PROA7C can handle 127 PROSIX wireless devices which feature better encryption and a longer range than the older 5800 Series wireless devices. If you are an end-user with a previous wireless system in place though, the PROA7C can be outfitted with the PROTAKEOVER module. This will give you access to all legacy wireless devices you have, including DSC's 433MHz, 2GIG's 319MHz, and of course Honeywell's 345MHz sensors. It can also use any other manufacturer's wireless devices as long as they fall into those 3 MHz categories. Using the PROTAKEOVER allows you access to the other 123 available zones out of that 250 max limit. ThePROA7C has 4 partitions allowing you to separate the zones on your system for different sections of the home or business. Along with multiple partitions, the system can hold up to 96 user codes as well, letting you give access to anyone that may need it. 

As with the PROA7PLUSC system, the PROA7 is compatible with a whole slew of additional modules and accessories. Some common useful items will be the PROLTE cellular modules, and additional keypads like the PROSIXLCDKPC, and the PROWLTOUCHC. As mentioned above the PROTAKEOVER is a module capable of using legacy wireless devices you may have from a previous system. There is also a hardwired translator called the PROSIXC2W, allowing you to use already installed wired sensors on your PROSeries alarm system. Ideally, the PROSIX wireless will cover your whole location, but if not there is a repeater to extend the range of the panel. This would be the PROSIXRPTR. And for those that do want to add wifi and z-wave capability, the PROWIFIZW card that comes in the PROA7PLUSC is also a standalone item that can be added to the PROA7C. 

When it comes to monitoring services, the PROSeries alarm systems use Total Connect for the cellular and IP connection. There are multiple plan levels of Total Connect allowing you to customize what features are available to it. If you want Central Station Alarm Monitoring only, you will need the level 1 signal forwarding package from Total Connect. Levels 2 and 3 allow you to use an app to interact with the system remotely, and even control your home automation attached to the system with the level 3 service. You can read more about the Total Connect services and their prices here: 

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PROA7PLUS Install Manual

PROA7PLUS Data Sheet

PROA7PLUS Local Programming guide


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