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Honeywell 5800C2W Hardwired/Wireless Converter

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Honeywell 5800C2W Hardwired/Wireless Converter The Honeywell 5800C2W is a hardwired to wireless converter that you can use to convert any hardiwred zone into a zone that can be used with...

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Honeywell 5800C2W Hardwired/Wireless Converter

The Honeywell 5800C2W is a hardwired to wireless converter that you can use to convert any hardiwred zone into a zone that can be used with any Honeywell wireless enabled system such as the Lynx series. This takes some of the hassle out of changing alarm systems if you currently have an all hardwired system. Most people dread changing over to an all wireless system because they have to replace every single hardwired device with a wireless version. Using the 5800C2W converters will save you time, money and materials allowing an installer to switch over wired devices to this convenient converter and not having to spend a premium on replacement wireless devices

Not only can you convert simple wired switches but you can also run powered devices like PIR motion detectors from this converter as well because of the included power transformer. This also has the ability to use a standard system backup battery just in case the electricity goes down.

With the press of a single button you can calibrate this device to configure to the new wireless system. The 5800C2W will send out a signal and automatically learn which zones are free on the wireless alarm main panel.

Set-up is a three step process:

  1. Mount and wire the module
  2. Calibrate/activate the module zones
  3. Enroll the module's wireless zones into the control panel
We have had quite a few people asking how to save a little money on a hardwired takeover and we've found the answer for you.



Length 178mm (7.0 inches)
Width 114mm (4.5 inches)
Depth 38mm (1.5 inches)

Mounting Hardware

Double stick tape and screws included

Operating temperature

10 C to +60 C (+14 F to +140 F)


95% RH Max

Transmission range

Up to 91 meters (300 feet)

Operating Voltage

Supplied by plug-in power supply (15.5VDC @ 1A)

Battery Backup (not included)

Use 12V, 4AH battery such as Honeywell 467, Yuasa NP4-12, Casil CA1240 or equivalent. Provides four hours of backup. Battery is to be located in the existing control panel. DO NOT use batteries of larger capacity.

Tamper Detection

Activated when the cover is removed

5800C2W Supervision

Low battery
Backup battery power
Each enrolled zone transmits a supervisory message every 72 minutes

LED Status Indicators

Backup power
Wireless transmission

Input Zones (Nine Hardwired)

All zones that are used must have an EOL resistor

Auxiliary Output (12V AUX)

Provides 9.5 to 14VDC @ 100ma to supply PIR motion or glassbreak sensors

Agency Listings

ETL Listed to UL 1023
CETL Listed to ULC-C1023

  • Nine hardwired zones with end-of-line resistor protection for use with existing contacts, PIRs, glassbreaks and other 12V sensors
  • Not for use with fire or heat sensors
  • It is recommended that any existing smoke, heat or CO detectors be replaced with new Honeywell 5800 Series detectors
  • One-button calibration/activation of zone inputs
  • 5800C2W wireless zones enroll in the control panel like any other 5800 Series device
  • 5800 Series serial numbers automatically assigned to activated zones
  • Power supply included to power PIRs
  • 12V 4AH battery provides four hours of standby
  • Low battery supervision and notification
  • Case tamper switch
  • Complete supervision of transmitters, zone tampers, low battery
  • Module can be mounted next to the control panel being replaced, or relocated if necessary to maximize wireless range


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