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DSC PC5204 Power Supply Module


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DSC PC5204 Power Supply Module

The DSC PC5204 power supply board is used to provide additional power to the system modules and or detectors if you are using more powered detectors or modules than the main system can supply power to. The new Power Series systems we offer all provide up to 700 mA of auxillary current for modules and powered detectors. If you have a lot of modules such as several keypads, a wireless receiver and an Escort module as well as a lot of power sensors such as motions, smokes and glass break detectors, you should calculate your current draw to see if you need this expansion power supply. Another common reason for needing this expansion power supply is if you need more siren output current. The main system board's siren / bell output is limited to 2 amps short term (during alarm) with a backup battery. If you need more for additional sounders you can use this module for that as well. The PC5204 draws 20 mA from the main system and provides a max current output of 1 amp (1000 mA). The board does include four PMG (programmable outputs) as well. Requires a 5003c cabinet, one PTC1640 transformer and one BD712 backup battery.

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