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DSC Impassa KIT457-99LTEAVZ with LTE Verizon Radio


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DSC Impassa KIT457-99LTEAVZ with LTE Verizon Radio

 What you'll get:

1 - Impassa self contained wireless kit
1 - Integrated LTE Verizon cellular communicator with on-board Z-Wave exclusive to services
1 - WS4904P wireless pet-immune passive infrared detector
1 - WS4939 four-button wireless key
3 - WS4945 wireless door/window contact
PTD1620U 16V 20VA transformer and a SCWBATTERYHC backup battery.

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The DSC Impassa KIT457-99LTEAVZ is a fully wireless alarm system from DSC. The Impassa is capable of utilizing up to 64 wireless devices and can handle 16 wireless key fobs. You can also have up to 17 user codes for people to arm and disarm the system with. You can add up to four additional WT5500 keypads to the Impassa system for arming and disarming the system from different areas of your home or business.

The Impassa can use up to 4 wireless sirens such as the WT4901 Indoor Wireless Sirens or the WT4911 Outdoor Wireless Sirens. Any combination of those two sirens can be used. If you're using one of the WT4911 outdoor sirens then your Impassa will also be able to display the outside temperature. The Impassa panel also features built-in 2 way VOX push to talk capability for communication with central station through phone line or cellular. It is also capable of zone labeling because of the Impassa's 32 character alpha-numeric display. 

The TL8055LT Dual Path Communicator that is built into the Impassa can be used for Residential Interactive or Commercial Interactive services. The communicator utilizes not only the cellular network to carry alarm signal, but also does this through IP. This ensures that you'll have constant communication and no down time for notifications. You'll be able to remotely arm and disarm your Impassa via the app and get notifications of alarm and system events. There are other package levels that will allow you to use ZWave home automation devices.

The Impassa has a 500 event log that you can check right from the keypad. This will let you view past alarm and system events. You'll get template programming features with the Impassa that makes basic setup a little easier. The Impassa also features the CP-01 false alarm reduction protocol. 

The replacement backup battery for this system is the DSC SCWBATTERYHC