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ADC-NX410USVZ LTE Communicator
Hardware pack
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This is a replacement for the NX592ELTEZXVZ as Interlogix is no longer branding these parts

The ADC-NX410USVZ is a cellular communicator that uses the LTE cellular frequency to transmit signal to a central station monitoring service or for use with Residential Interactive Services. The communicator connects to the bus terminals of the NetworX alarm panel and is powered by the system or there is an optional power supply you can use as well. It is preferable to power the communicator from the NX alarm system as this will provide supervised power that is backed up by the system's backup battery, however if your system has many other powered devices installed already you may need to use the optional power supply.

The communicator measures 5.25 × 4.125 × 1 in. and mounts on the outside of the panel. The casing of the ADC-NX410USVZ is made of high-impact ABS plastic. The unit has an operating temperature between 32 to 120ºF. The communicator also has 10 individual LEDs that you will use to gauge cellular signal strength and status of the communicator. The NX410USVZ is compatible with the NX-4, the NX-6, The NX-8 and the NX-8E Interlogix alarm panels.

The ADC-NX410USVZ works on one of the Verizon network and if you have a good Verizon signal in your area then this is the communicator you'd need. Different wireless protocols are used in the different models so as to provide for wide consumer demand. Some areas of the country get a better Verizon signal and some areas a better AT&T signal. These communicators also feature built-in Z-Wave controllers and you can integrate home automation devices if you use Interactive Services using their Gold Package level. You can integrate control of such Z-Wave devices such as the Smart Thermostat, the Kwikset 910 Smartcode Deadbolt or the Fortrezz WV-01 Z-Wave Indoor Automated Water Shut-off Valve. They also make lighting devices that operate on the Z-Wave protocol like the LIN-LB60Z1 Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb or the LIN-PD300Z-2 Z-Wave Plug-in Light Dimmer Module. All of these can be controlled via your user account.

Cellular communicators are becoming a popular choice for alarm communications as fewer people are using landlines. They are also a popular choice for alarm communications over landlines because people fear that their landline will get cut by a thief and the alarm system will not communicate out. We recommend that you do signal strength test in the area that you are thinking of putting the alarm system and communicator in. Some areas do have naturally occurring dead spots and it is wise to find out if you’ve installed your system or communicator in such an area. This will save frustration that may occur after installing everything and then finding that you might have to move the equipment because there is not sufficient signal in that area.

Installation Sheet
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