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2 Door Access Control Kit From ZKAccess


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2 Door Access Control Kit From ZKAccess This kit includes:(1) pc C3 panel, power supply and metal cabinet (1) pc CR10E - USB Card enrollment reader (2) pcs IP65-rated KR500E...

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2 Door Access Control Kit From ZKAccess

This kit includes:

(1) pc C3 panel, power supply and metal cabinet
(1) pc CR10E - USB Card enrollment reader
(2) pcs IP65-rated KR500E Card readers
(2) pcs PTE-1 Exit Button
(50) pcs Proximity (Clamshell) cards
(1) ZKAccess software

The C3 two door kit includes the C3 panel, power supply and metal cabinet. This control has the ability to track 30,000 users making it an ideal solution for a business. Know the comings and goings of all of your employees when they enter and exit the building. The panel also has the capacity to track 100,000 events so you’ll have an extensive record of transactions that occur from entry/exit events and other events that you program the system to track. The RAM (Random Access Memory) of the system is 32 MB which is enough to make sure the system runs smoothly and makes it able to handle the workload. The board has 4 ports for attaching in card readers. The panel also features 2 Form C Relay outputs for triggering things such as door locks, lights or maybe a zone on an alarm system. You’ll also get 12 ports for Exit Buttons, 12 ports for Door Sensors and 12 ports for auxiliary items.

The next item you’ll get with the C3 two door kit is a CR10E-USB Card Enrollment Reader. This will be used to read and write proximity cards that can be used with this system. It will plug into any Windows OS PC and interfaces with the computer through USB.

The next items in this kit are two KR500E card readers. These are the units that you’ll place by entry doors so that people can swipe their cards or proximity tags to gain entry into the building. This will read up to 10cm for proximity card and 5cm for Mifare card. These can be installed indoors or out as they are weather proof. These also feature ports to accommodate a buzzer and an LED indicator.

You’ll also get two PTE-1 Exit Buttons. These are used to open doors for people exiting the building. Once pushed the control will initiate a trigger which will unlock the door so that people may exit. This is a great feature to have as you can leave the doors locked at all times ensuring the security of your building.

The last items that come with this kit are 50 Clamshell proximity cards. These will be used by employees and other people that need access into the building. They will swipe these across KR500E readers which will, in turn, disengage locks in doors to allow them in.


The kit is a nice starting package for adding access control to your building and includes the software you’ll need to set it up and get it running. The C3-Series of Access Control panels from ZKAccess are packed full of features and will allow you to control the entry into your business with quality hardware and easy to use software. With the ability to use a range of readers that support Wiegand protocol; you can customize your readers to your specifications. These access control panels also have relays for controlling door locks, lighting and outputs to alarm systems. With the C3-Series you can manage the programming of your control system via a web browser interface making it an excellent solution for your access control needs.