BBB Business Review

Low-Price Guarantee is a leading supplier of the top brands of security alarm systems and related security products. We continually monitor our competition to help ensure that we are offering the best prices to our customers. Because change is constant and new competitors crop up frequently, we offer a low price guarantee in the rare event that you do find a price lower elsewhere from a qualifying competitor.

Our low price guarantee policy is that if we cannot meet or beat a qualifying competitors price on an identical product, will provide you with a coupon for one free year of 24 hour, UL listed basic alarm monitoring service free! This low price guarantee protects you for up to 10 days after purchase as well in the event you find a lower price after purchase!

To request a price match you must email with the following details:
1. Product (s) requesting match on.
2. AlarmSystemStore price and competitors price
3. A link to the website page showing the competitor price.
4. Your name and order # if requesting credit back for price match difference.

Warning: Incomplete submissions for price match will be ignored. Price match requests take on average 4 hours (during business hours) to review and verify. After verified we will email you back with the results and further instructions on claiming said price match if applicable.

Our price match qualifications are:

  • Does not apply to auction sites or discount overstock sites.
  • Does not apply to special promos and coupon offers, quantity discounts and membership programs.
  • Applies only to new and in stock merchandise.
  • Price match may include the shipping costs from the proposed price match site, OR shipping costs from the proposed site will be matched as well (all additional costs from our competitor's site will be considered part of the comparison).
  • Qualifying competitor must be an authorized security dealer that provides the same free services with purchase as, i.e toll free tech support, free mfg. warranty service, etc.