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Alarm Downloading Programming Software

Most alarm manufacturers have alarm downloading programming software available that will allow you to program your alarm system via a computer. You can do this via a direct connect cable or through a modem.

Most folks have no problems doing all of the programming through a standard alpha-numeric style keypad, but there are some who are more comfortable doing programming through a computer. The programming software allows you to see a few programming sections all in one glance over the one section at a time view that you'll get through a keypad.

If you're working with a DSC system then you'll need a PCLink cable for a direct connect to a DSC alarm system.

If you working with a Honeywell then you'll have to use a Compass Downloading modem w/ direct connect cable. We don't currently carry these on the website, but you can call us and special order one.

Lastly, if you're working with an Interlogix panel such as the NX4, NX6, or NX8 models then you'll need the NX-586E direct connect cable.