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Simon XTi-5

Simon XTi-5

The Simon XTi-5 from Interlogix builds on the great base of the Simon XT. While maintaining all the great security features that have made the Simon XT a success, Interlogix redesigned the exterior and user interface of the Simon XTi-5. The main focus of the self-contained Simon XTi-5 panel is the 5 inch touch screen LCD display. This gives the user access to an easy to use, icon based interface with at-a-glance system status. There are no physical buttons to worry about on the panel either: it is a completely touch-based interface. The inside workings of the wireless alarm system are very much like those of the original Simon XT. This makes the Simon XTi-5 a great choice for most residential installations like houses or even apartments and condominiums. And while it is loaded with great standard features, the Simon XTi-5 is also compatible with This gives the system the ability to add Z-Wave devices: thermostats, locks, and lights. Also you can connect image sensors that will act not only as motion detectors on the system, but also will take still images based on custom rules. These images can then be viewed, recorded or real-time, through’s smartphone app or web portal. The app and website also give you remote access to and control of your Simon XTi-5 and connected devices. Armed with a Simon XTi-5 and, you can have not only a home security system, but a smart home security system that manages your whole home.
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Interlogix 80-632-3N-XT5 Simon XTi-5 Starter Pack
Interlogix 80-649-3N-XT5 Simon XTi-5 Wireless Security System Kit

More About Simon XTi-5

The Simon XTi-5 comes loaded with the potential for up to 40 total zones. All of those 40 zones can be wireless, but there is also access to up to 2 onboard hardwired zones. These must be normally closed security devices only. Those zones do subtract from the 40 total when used. The alarm panel has a built-in receiver that accepts both styles of Interlogix’s wireless security sensors: crystal and SAW Learn Mode. These devices have an open air range of up to 1000 feet, which in practical application will usually give plenty of range for residential applications. With Interlogix’s full line of security sensors of both styles, you can find a device to fit almost any need. This includes the most common of course: door and window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors. They also offer environmental sensors as well. We always recommend having at least one smoke detector on your alarm system for the added peace of mind. And if you are being monitored by a central station, they can have the fire department dispatched even if you are not home. The Simon XTi-5 also supports two-way wireless devices such as the 60-924-RF-TS. It is a talking touch screen keypad, giving you the graphic user interface of the main panel at a remote location.

One of the best features of the Simon XTi-5 is the graphic user interface on its 5 inch color LCD touch screen. The user interface is simple and is accessed with the touch screen only, there are no buttons. The main screen gives you the status of the property at a glance. It has icons showing the status of doors, windows, and motion detectors. So that you can quickly look at each one and see whether everything is secure or not and quickly identify what is not secure. A quick tap on the icon for the sensor type you want to know about gives you a more detailed explanation of those devices. In addition if you are connected with and the proper devices, you can see the interior temperature as well as the current weather. Pressing the arming icon brings up a very intuitive menu with three arming modes and two options. The arming modes are doors and windows only, motion detectors only, or all sensors. And then there are the two options that can be turned on or off as desired: entry delay and silent exit. Another great aspect of having a graphic user interface that can be navigated very intuitively is that that ease of use is extended to the programming of the alarm system. While many traditional alarm systems have required a steep learning curve to properly program them, the original Simon XT bucked this trend by creating a fairly easy to follow text based menu system for programming the alarm. The Simon XTi-5 takes that improvement another step forward.

The Simon XTi-5 is fully integrated with for its remote services. To take advantage of’s Interactive Services you will need 2 things: an cellular communicator and an service plan subscription. For the Simon XTi-5 you can choose between communicators that use AT&T’s network (600-1048-XT-ZX-AT) or Verizon’s network (600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ). There are four levels of service from, three of which give access to their Interactive Services. The first level is only wireless signal forwarding which is used for communication to a central station using an communicator. Wireless signal forwarding is a feature in all subsequent service levels. The second service level is the first level of interactive services. Called Basic Interactive, it offers access to remote monitoring and control of the Simon XTi-5 and customized notifications. The next level, called Advanced Interactive, adds 24/7 monitoring of up to 10 sensors even for non-alarm situations. This is a great service if you have a gun cabinet or even a pool and you want to know every time the sensor is opened or closed. The final level is called Interactive Gold. It adds quite a bit of features. Mainly it adds the ability to use image sensors and, more importantly, it adds home automation and energy management features.

We have two ways to buy the Simon XTi-5. The first is the Simon XTi-5 Starter Kit. The starter kit comes with a Simon XTi-5 alarm system panel. In addition to the panel, the kit comes with a 9VAC power transformer to provide the panel with the proper voltage and current. It also comes with a NiMH backup battery to provide power in the event of a temporary power loss. And it has an RJ31X telephone line jack and cord set to aid you in connecting to a phone line if desired. Finally, Interlogix also ships the installation and user guides with the Simon XTi-5. This is all the various basics that will be needed to have a Simon XTi-5. This is a great option for those who are replacing another wireless Interlogix system and already have SAW Learn Mode and Crystal sensors in place. It is also a good option if the 311 kit has devices that you do not need.

We also have the Simon XTi-5 311 Kit. This kit contains everything found in the starter kit: Simon XTi-5, 9VAC power transformer, NiMH backup battery, RJ31X telephone line jack and cord set, installation guide, and user guide. It also comes with a few wireless devices to give you a solid base for a full system or even the entirety of a very basic alarm system. The kit comes with 3 Crystal wireless door and window sensors (60-362N-10-319.5). It has a SAW Learn Mode motion detector (60-807-95R) that is pet immune up to 40 pounds. And lastly the kit comes with a 4-button keychain remote (600-1064-95R).