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Simon XT

Simon XT

Alarm System Programming Service
GE Simon XT Starter Kit
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Interlogix, formerly GE Security has taken up the torch for the Simon XT. The Simon XT is a very easy to use and install system, especially at its price point. The Simon XT is an all-in-one system that has the built-in keypad, display, speaker, siren, wireless receiver, and main control panel. The only wire you need is to plug in the panel to the AC receptacle via a power transformer. The Simon XT features up to 40 zones. It can be programmed with up to 9 user codes. These capabilities make the Simon XT is best for most residential applications. While there is nothing inherently prohibiting the Simon XT from being used on larger homes and even commercial applications, it is somewhat limited in the number of possible zones and user codes. This can make the system less suitable for those situations while still offering plenty for most residential uses. Another great aspect of the Simon XT is that it can be fully integrated with This can potentially add dozens of new features such as remote arming and disarming, ability to check the system status at any time, geo-fencing notifications, and alarm notifications. An optional cellular communicator is required to take advantage of these features.

The Simon XT was designed for residential use and its features and capacities reflect this. The alarm system panel can handle up to a total of 40 zones. These can be all wireless zones if you have no need for any hardwired zones. It does have terminals for up to 2 hardwired zones however. If the two hardwired zones are in use then the system can only use up to 38 wireless zones. This is generally enough zones for most homes. It can even be used for some small commercial sites. Another limitation of the Simon XT that makes it more suitable for residential use is that it can only have a total of 9 user codes. 1 code is the master code with 8 additional normal user codes. Again, this is usually plenty for residential use, but can be limiting if you have a bunch of employees that need access to the system.

Interlogix has two styles of wireless devices that work with the Simon XT: Crystal and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave). Both kinds are very similar. And both Crystal and SAW lines offer a similar array of devices like door/window transmitters and motion detectors. The main difference between the two is that the Crystal sensors offer longer battery life. They do this by using lithium batteries instead of alkaline batteries that are used in the SAW sensors. Both kinds of wireless sensors have an open air range of up to 1000 feet. This is decreased by building construction and other local factors such as radio interference. For instance a metal building will decrease wireless range much more than traditional wooden stud and drywall construction. Also having a cellular communicator can decrease wireless range due to the interference. Interlogix has two remote keypads that work with the Simon XT. The first is the Simon XT Talking Touchpad. This is a very simple keypad that works great to remotely arm and disarm the system as well as get voice chimes in another location in the house. The second is the Simon XT Two-Way Talking Touch Screen. This keypad has a 3.5 inch touch screen that offers a very user-friendly interface. It features the system status directly on the main screen so you can see if any doors, windows, or motions are being triggered at any given time. This keypad also allows you to control Z-Wave devices directly from it and is fully compatible with

The Simon XT can be used for central station monitoring, self-monitoring, or a combination of the two. It has an onboard telephone dialer. The dialer, in conjunction with a built-in microphone and speaker, supports 2-way voice with a central station for alarm verification purposes. Interlogix also has a GSM or CDMA communication modules available that connect the system to From there you can subscribe to 4 different levels of service with, not including their video service. The first level is Wireless Signal Forwarding which is an inexpensive way to communicate over the cell networks to your central station. After that are the three levels of interactive services. These are Basic Interactive, Advanced Interactive, and Interactive Gold. Each level includes everything that was included in the previous levels. Basic Interactive gives you the ability to remotely control many aspects of the alarm system including arming/disarming, checking status, and changing user codes. It also allows you to setup custom notifications for alarms, troubles, and other conditions such as a sensor being left open. Advanced Interactive adds 24/7 sensor notifications. This can be a great feature if you have a gun cabinet, for example, and you want to be notified every time it is open even if the system is disarmed. Finally Interactive Gold adds numerous features. The biggest portion of that is to be able to remotely control Z-Wave devices and setup rules for home automation. This allows you to be able to do things like setting a rule where if your system is armed in away mode, the Z-Wave thermostat will turn down your HVAC system so that it is not unnecessarily heating or cooling an empty house.

We have two kits for the Interlogix Simon XT. The first is the Simon XT Starter Kit. It is a very basic kit that will come with only the essentials that are needed for every Simon XT alarm system installation. The kit first comes with the Simon XT alarm system main console. This is the main brain and control hub for the entire alarm system. Also included in the kit is the power transformer that gets plugged into your AC wall receptacle. The transformer steps down the AC voltage from wall to 9VAC which is usable by the panel. The Simon XT Starter Kit is also loaded with a system backup battery. This back up battery allows the system to be powered for up to 24 hours on a full charge in the event of AC power loss. Finally, the kit has an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set.

The second and final Interlogix Simon XT kit that we have available for you is the Simon XT Deluxe Package. This kit features all the essentials found in the starter kit: Simon XT alarm system main console, plug in power transformer, 24 hour system backup battery, and RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. The kit then comes with a few wireless devices to get you started. These sensors are some of the more common ones used on an alarm system and are offered at a great value. The first device included in the kit is a SAW wireless pet immune motion sensor (60-807-95R). This motion detector is a basic model, but still provides pet immunity for up 40 pounds. It also has an excellent sensing area of 35 by 40 feet. Among its features is a transmitter lockout that saves battery by not transmitting signals for 3 minutes after an alarm. Next, the Simon XT Deluxe Package comes with 3 SAW wireless door/window transmitters (60-670-95R). This is another basic device for the Simon XT. They require two AAA alkaline batteries to be powered and they should last around 2-4 years. And finally the kit comes with a four button keychain remote (600-1064-95R).