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Photoelectric Beam Detectors

Photoelectric Beam Detectors

Photoelectric beam detectors are used in entry ways to monitor an entry or egress of a building, but they can also be used to trigger warning systems if someone enters a dangerous area or used for letting a vehicle know if it is not the proper height to enter a drive through entrance.

More About Photoelectric Beam Detectors

Most of these devices feature two pieces. One piece is the side that contains the beam emitters and the other piece will be a reflector of sorts that stops the beam from going on infinitely. These also have their own power supplies and will not be powered from an alarm system.

Most of these units can be connected to a zone on an alarm system and used to make the system go into alarm when the beam is tripped. If the panel is tied to central monitoring then the Police will be called. You can also just use these as notification devices as well. Place them at an entrance to a store and have them ring a bell or sound a piezo when someone enters.