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The NetworX line from Interlogix is their hardwired hybrid home alarm system. The NetworX line offers 4 different base models of varying sizes that all have the same basic features out of the box. From those bases, you can modularly expand the system to add new capabilities, additional keypads, hardwired zones, and wireless zones. The NetworX line of alarm systems has you covered for more than just burglary. In addition to security sensors that can detect unwanted entry, you can add fire and environmental sensors to alert you of a wide variety of life threatening situations.
GE Caddx NX4 Alarm System
GE Caddx NX4FP Alarm System Kit
GE Caddx NX6 Alarm System
GE Caddx NX6FP Alarm System Kit
GE Caddx NX8 Alarm System
GE Caddx NX848E Alarm System Kit
GE Caddx NX8E Alarm System
GE Caddx NX8FP Alarm System Kit
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More About NetworX

The first panel in the NetworX line is the NetworX NX-4. This is the smallest panel of the line, but is still good for small residential applications that do not require many zones. The NX-4 has 4 hardwired zones on the board. This can be expanded to 8 total zones: wireless or hardwired. Unlike the larger panels in the NetworX line, the NX-4 can only use 4 wire smoke detectors. It cannot use 2 wire smoke detectors. Also unlike the other panels, the NX-4 cannot be separated into different partitions. Having an installation with so few zones and needing multiple partitions would be very rare anyhow. In such cases, an NX-6 would be recommended. The NX-4 can also be programmed with up to 8 user codes. Again, this is generally plenty for a small residential home alarm system. The NX-4 can be purchased alone or in the NX4FP kit. In addition to the NX-4 board and cabinet, it comes with an NX 1308E 8 zone LED keypad, a 12 V 4 Ahr system backup battery, a 16.5 VAC power transformer, 15 watt indoor siren, a Sentrol PI 6000 motion detector, and an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set.

The smaller of the middle panels is the NX-6. This alarm system is good for small as well, but has room to expand into a more robust and diverse home alarm system. It can also be used for some medium sized homes or maybe even a very small commercial application. The NX-6 has 6 hardwired zones onboard. It can be expanded to have up to 12 hardwired zones and 16 wireless zones. This system can be split into two partitions. Each partition can have its own unique settings based on your needs. This includes delay times, user codes, and other feature selections. And with the NX-6 having up to 40 user codes, you will have plenty to split between the two partitions if needed. The NX-6 can be purchased alone or in the NX6FP kit. In addition to the NX-6 board and cabinet, it comes with an NX 1308E 8 zone LED keypad, a 12 V 4 Ahr system backup battery, a 16.5 VAC power transformer, 15 watt indoor siren, a Sentrol PI 6000 motion detector, and an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set.

Interlogix’s upper middle panel of the NetworX line of alarm systems is the NX-8. With 8 hardwired zones onboard and up to 48 hardwired or wireless possible, the NX-8 is great for almost any residential use and even some commercial uses. It can be split into up to 8 partitions. This can be great for a small office building or a multi-apartment home. The NX-8 can be programmed with up to 99 user codes as well. The NX-8 can be purchased alone or in the NX8FP kit. In addition to the NX8 board and cabinet, it comes with an NX 1308E 8 zone LED keypad, a 12 V 4 Ahr system backup battery, a 16.5 VAC power transformer, 15 watt indoor siren, a Sentrol PI 6000 motion detector, and an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. The top of the line NetworX panel is the NX-8E. It is a great choice for the most demanding installations such as large homes or even commercial sites. The NX-8E has 8 hardwired zones out of the box, but can be expanded to an impressive 192 hardwired or wireless zones. Just like the regular NX-8, the NX-8E can handle up to 8 partitions. 8 partitions combined with 192 zones makes the NX-8E a viable option for even some larger commercial locations. In addition, the NX-8E can have up to 240 user codes programmed in so that you can give unique codes to just about anyone that would need one. The NX-8E can also be purchased in a kit. The kit, NX848E, differs from the previous kits. It comes with an NX148E 192 zone deluxe alphanumeric LCD keypad and a 16.5VAC power transformer with the NX-8E board and cabinet.

Interlogix has made many style keypads available for the NetworX line of alarm systems. This gives you a lot of flexibility based on features, value, aesthetic preferences. Since keypads are the generally the only part of the alarm system that you interact with on a daily basis, we feel that getting the right keypad for your needs and budget is essential to having a good experience with your alarm system. The LED style keypads, like the NX124E, offer an appealing price point. But they offer less user-friendly features than other styles of keypads. While we recommend having a more robust keypad, LED keypads can make a great option as a secondary keypad if you are looking to save some money. Programmable alphanumeric LCD keypads such as the NX-148E or it’s sibling, the NX-148ERF which adds a built in wireless receiver, these offer some nice features that are great for day to day function of the alarm system. For instance they allow for you to program zone labels. While this is not a necessity, on a system with a large number of zones it can be incredibly useful. Overall they offer a better user interface. Also, if you have a system with more than 24 zones they become more of a need since they can handle up to 192 zones. The Cadillac of the NetworX keypads is the NetworX Touch Screen keypad. As the LCD keypads are to LED style keypads, touch screen keypads are to LCD keypads. They offer the nicest looking and easiest to use interface. Allowing you to arm at the touch of an icon. They feature a menu based user interface that is easy to navigate.

Interlogix has teamed with to offer communicators that interface your NetworX alarm system and home automation with This with an subscription gives you access to an array of features that would not otherwise be available. There are two options: NX-592E-GSM-ZX-AT and NX-592E-CDMA-ZX-VZ. Both offer a cellular connection from your alarm system to as well as have a built in Z-Wave controller. The only difference between the two is that one uses AT&T’s network while the other uses Verizon’s network. This allows you to pick the network that is most reliable in your area. Once you have the communicator, you can pick the service plan that fits your needs the best. There are four service plans for your alarm system as well as a standalone/add-on video plan. The first is called Wireless Signal Forwarding which is a great option if you do not have a landline and only want to be monitored by a central station. The next 3 service plans are the Interactive Services. Each subsequent service plan includes everything from the previous plans. The first is Basic Interactive. This allows you to control your alarm system remotely as well as receive custom notifications. It also adds’s geo-fence feature which uses your smartphone’s location to trigger events/notifications. The next level is called Advanced Interactive. This adds 24/7 notifications, including in non-alarm situations, on up to 10 security sensors. Finally there is Interactive Gold. It adds quite a few features including identity theft protection. But the main feature that Interactive Gold adds is home automation and energy management control. It allows you to connect and control a variety of Z-Wave devices. And then you can also use’s rules engine to set up home automation based on a variety of different criteria such as turning lights off when the NetworX panel arms in away mode.