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Interlogix Alarm Systems & Kits

Interlogix Alarm Systems & Kits

We carry three alarm system lines from Interlogix: NetworX, Simon XT, and AdvisorOne. NetworX is a flexible hybrid system. By default the NetworX line starts with onboard hardwired zones. But, thanks to its modular expansion capabilities, it can be expanded to include additional hardwired zones via NX-216 as well as wireless zones via a NX-548E or a keypad that has a receiver built in, such as the NX-148ERF. The Simon XT is a classic all-in-one wireless alarm system. It offers a variety of awesome, user-friendly features at a reasonable price point that make the Simon XT hugely successful and popular option. They also have a cosmetically updated version called the Simon XTi-5. It features an even easier user interface through a 5 inch touch screen display. The AdvisorOne is the latest flagship alarm system from Interlogix. Like the Simon XT, the AdvisorOne is a self-contained wireless alarm system; but it is also so much more. It features a beautiful touch screen keypad that offers access to a wonderful user interface.
  • NetworX


    The NetworX line from Interlogix is their hardwired hybrid home alarm system. The NetworX line offers 4 different base models of varying sizes that all have the same basic features out of the box. From those bases, you can modularly expand the system to add new capabilities, additional keypads, hard...

  • Simon XT

    Simon XT

    Interlogix, formerly GE Security has taken up the torch for the Simon XT. The Simon XT is a very easy to use and install system, especially at its price point. The Simon XT is an all-in-one system that has the built-in keypad, display, speaker, siren, wireless receiver, and main control panel. The ...

  • Simon XTi-5

    Simon XTi-5

    The Simon XTi-5 from Interlogix builds on the great base of the Simon XT. While maintaining all the great security features that have made the Simon XT a success, Interlogix redesigned the exterior and user interface of the Simon XTi-5. The main focus of the self-contained Simon XTi-5 panel is the 5...

More About Interlogix Alarm Systems & Kits

The NetworX line has four panels of varying sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget. The first and smallest is the NX-4. It features 4 onboard hardwired zones with a total capacity of up to 8 hardwired or wireless. This is a great option if you are on a tight budget or have a small residence that does not require many zones. The NetworX NX-6 is the next panel in line. It has a little larger capacity with 6 hardwired zones out of the box and room for up to 12 hardwired or 16 wireless zones. The NX-6 is a little more flexible, but still usually used on smaller homes. The NX-8 is a good middle ground for the NetworX line of alarm systems. It has 8 zones built onto the panel, but can be expanded all the way up to 48 zones. This gives it the flexibility to cover most residential applications and even some commercial as well. If that is still not enough, the final panel has up to 192 hardwired or wireless zones. The NX-8E starts out similar to the previous panel, but has a greatly expanded capacity on the high end. It is generally only needed for commercial applications, but some large homes may require its use as well. Interlogix has teamed with to give a lot of remote interactive features to the NetworX alarm panels. Everything from controlling the alarm system remotely, to receiving notifications, to interfacing with and controlling home automation and saving energy is available with a NetworX, communicator and subscription.

Each of the four NetworX panels has its own kit. The NX4FP, NX6FP, and NX8FP all have the same equipment in their kits, other than the main panel of course. In addition to the board and cabinet, the kits come with an NX 1308E 8 zone LED keypad, a 12 V 4 Ahr system backup battery, a 16.5 VAC power transformer, 15 watt indoor siren, a Sentrol PI 6000 motion detector, and an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set. Keep in mind that since these first three kits come with an LED keypad, we highly recommend you either use our pre programming service or you purchase an LCD full alpha keypad such as the NX-148E since programming from an LED keypad is extremely difficult. The NX-8E kit, NX848E, differs from the previous kits. It comes with an NX148E 192 zone deluxe alphanumeric LCD keypad and a 16.5VAC power transformer with the NX-8E board and cabinet.

We carry three of Interlogix’s all-in-one wireless systems. The first is the Simon XT. It is a self-contained wireless system, meaning that the main keypad, control panel, siren, and wireless receiver are all contained within the main panel. The only wire that is required is from the transformer at the wall outlet to the Simon XT alarm panel. The Simon XT can have up to 40 wireless zones. You can use any Interlogix SAW or Crystal wireless device. It even has terminals for 2 hardwired zones, which count against the 40 zone count, that allow you to use some hardwired security sensors to save money or even if they are more practical. The Simon XT is also relatively easy to program compared to some alarm systems, making it a great entry point for those worried about the learning curve to program an alarm system. And in addition to the built-in features, the Simon XT is also compatible with This brings all the great wireless features to the wireless Simon XT alarm system.

The Simon XTi-5 is a modernized version of the Simon XT. It has nearly identical specifications with a couple of major differences: an updated exterior featuring a 5 inch touch screen and an easy to use graphical user interface. The exterior is a more modern take on the Simon XT design with the 5 inch touch screen being the highlight. And it has no buttons which makes for a sleeker look and feel. The graphical user interface features at-a-glance system status icons where you can quickly and easily ascertain the status of doors, windows, and motion detectors at any given time by taking a quick look at the screen. And a quick tap of those icons brings you to a more detailed report of that device type. Arming is quick and easy, allowing you to choose three different arming modes and two different options from one screen. Not only is the day to day usage improved, but the programming is as well. The Simon XTi-5 gives you a icon based menu system to navigate through the program much like the rest of the user interface. And, as with the Simon XT and NetworX, you can pair the Simon XTi-5 with to have access to even more features.

The AdvisorOne from Interlogix is their latest and greatest alarm system. Like the SimonXT, the AdvisorOne is all-in-one alarm system. It is a very aesthetically pleasing panel with its 7 inch touchscreen whose graphics can be customized to fit your preferences. Using the SD slot, you can upload your own pictures for use in a slide show screen saver as well as the background. It can handle an impressive number of zones as well, allowing up to 100 zones. Of those 100 zones, 95 are wireless while 5 are designated for hardwired zones that are built into the panel. Even small commercial installations can look at using the AdvisorOne while almost any residential application could be handled by it. When connected to the internet, the AdvisorOne allows you check the local weather, news, and traffic. This makes it a convenient stop in the morning to arm the system and check to make sure you are prepared to go out the door. With its At-a-Glance icons and voice annunciation, you can quickly and easily know the status of the alarm system. The AdvisorOne is programmed to have both text and voice in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. And with its digitized voice, it can even annunciate custom words.

Even though all of these wireless systems are quite simple to program and setup, if you do not wish to do any setup or programming we do offer pre programming for these wireless security systems.