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Honeywell Resideo Wireless Alarm Security Systems

Honeywell Resideo Wireless Alarm Security Systems

If you're looking for easy-to-install systems from the biggest name in security, you are in the right place! Honeywell has been a household name for well over a century now, and while their name might be changing, the quality of their products has not. Honeywell security has, over the last year, been transitioning its name to Resideo. This means as time goes on, you will see less Honeywell branding and more products branded as Resideo. This page contains the newest Honeywell/Resideo wireless alarm systems available, the PRO series, as well as the LYNX systems that are still available until their discontinuation. See below for more information about Honeywell/Resideo's Wireless security systems, or click on a system to start browsing.


More About Honeywell Resideo Wireless Alarm Security Systems

As mentioned above, Honeywell became, and to this day still holds, the biggest name in home security. As time and technology have advanced, so have their products. The newest being the PROA7PLUS, a 7" touchscreen, all-wireless alarm system. The PRO series panels offer an affordable and simple way to secure your home against burglary, fire, and more. Built into the PROA7PLUS is a Wifi/Z-wave card meaning out of the box you have a communication method for services, as well as the means to connect smart home devices. The system uses a new type of wireless called PROSiX. These PROSiX sensors have increased range, better encryption, and look sleek. Up to 127 of the panel's 250 zone total can be filled with the new PROSiX sensors. The other 123, can be used to take over legacy wireless devices using the PROTAKEOVER module. This allows you to use any older wireless technology that you may already have in your home. The immense amount of addable devices does not stop there, though. With the PROA7PLUS's built-in Wifi/Z-wave Plus Module you can pair smart home devices for use at the panel, or the Total Connect automation service. This gives you the ability to add 78 Z-wave devices to your PROA7PLUS, and control them right from the screen. 

Along with the PRO series panels is the LYNX 5210 system. While the LYNX 3000, and LYNX 7000 have been discontinued, the 5210 is still being manufactured, for now. The LYNX 5210 comes with a 4.3" touchscreen and uses the older 5800 series wireless devices. Although the LYNX series is an older system, it is still a very reliable way to secure your home or business. With the 5210 you'll have 64 zones available for wireless devices from the 5800 series. The only built-in communication method with the LYNX is a POTS phone line, but by adding additional modules you can communicate via cellular or Wifi connection. In addition to that, there is a Z-wave module to add up to 40 smart home devices to your LYNX system. 

For those of you who enjoy the idea of interactive features and z-wave automation from your phone, Honeywell/Resideo offers the Alarmnet services. The base Alarmnet service gives you the ability to send alarm signals to a Central Station, but when upgraded to a higher tier, it adds Total connect 2.0 features. These allow you to use an app or computer portal to interact with your alarm system. At the highest tier, it gives you the ability to automate your smart home devices that are connected to the alarm system's Z-wave radio. This can include anything from shutting lights off when the system is armed, to operating water valves and thermostats by triggering certain conditions. Both the PRO series panels, as well as the LYNX 5210, must use Total Connect for these communication features. They are not compatible with other interactive/automation services. That doesn't stop you from using either panel as a local alarm system though. Any system you buy from us is DIY friendly and completely factory defaulted, meaning it is yours to use however you wish.