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Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Looking for hardwired alarm sensors for your Hardwired Alarm System? We offer hardwired sensors for virtually every application to protect or monitor just about anything you can think of.

Click the type of sensor you are interested in below to see all the hardwired sensors available for that type.

  • Hard Wired Door Window Contacts

    Hard Wired Door Window Contacts

    In this category we carry some of the most commonly used window and door contacts for hardwired systems such as the Honeywell Vista Series, DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, DSC NEO Series and NetworX by Interlogix. We offer these in two varieties that can be used for different installation types...

  • Specialty Contacts Switches

    Specialty Contacts Switches

    This category offers specialty switches and contacts for things other than doors and windows. Overhead door contacts, tamper switches and pull apart cords to name a few. Specialty switches and contacts are for use in situations other than normal coverage of a building and items that extend capabili...

  • Motion Detectors Sensors

    Motion Detectors Sensors

    Motion detectors are sensors that detect movement in an installed area of a building. Some motion detectors are PIR (Passive infrared) and some have a dual lens which detect in the PIR and Microwave ranges. There are also motion detectors that have pet immunity so your animals won't accidentally set...

  • Glass Break Detectors Sensors

    Glass Break Detectors Sensors

    Glass break detectors are used to "listen" for the sound of breaking glass. These devices are great protection for windows in a home or business and add an extra tier of protection when used with perimeter contacts and motion detectors. Glass break detectors active when the sound of glass flexing...

  • Smoke Detectors

    Smoke Detectors

    Two wire and four wire varieties can be used with any hardwired alarm system. Two wire smokes use just two wires for data and power and must all be ran on the same run. Four wire smokes use separate two wire pairs for power and zone data and can be separated on their own zones. All of the hardwire ...

  • Heat Detectors

    Heat Detectors

    Heat detectors are used to detect heat instead of smoke. Heat detectors are recommended for fire protection in areas where naturally occurring smoke or fumes would cause a false alarm with a regular smoke detector. Places like kitchens or garages will benefit from using heat detectors.  Heat detecto...

  • Pressure Mats

    Pressure Mats

    We offer a large selection of pressure mats. These are used to sense if someone has walked across a certain area in your home or business. ...

  • Gas & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Gas & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Gas & Carbon Monoxide detectors can be used with any alarm system to monitor for gas leaks or a build up of CO in a home or business. These life safety devices are a must have if you use natural or any combustible gas. Couple these with central station monitoring and you can have someone there t...

  • Water, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    Water, Temperature & Humidity Sensors

    These devices can be used to monitoring environmental conditions in your home or business. Most alarm systems can be programmed to alert you when the sensors are tripped due to flooding, freezing, or too much or too little moisture in the air.  You can use water/flood detectors to prevent costly rep...

  • Holdup Panic Buttons

    Holdup Panic Buttons

    Holdup Panic Buttons are used in homes for protection when burglars try and break-in when people are at home. They're also very useful for business settings where cash is involved such as a bank or money handling business. These can be mounted in an unobtrusive location within reach to be pressed at...

  • Photoelectric Beam Detectors

    Photoelectric Beam Detectors

    Photoelectric beam detectors are used in entry ways to monitor an entry or egress of a building, but they can also be used to trigger warning systems if someone enters a dangerous area or used for letting a vehicle know if it is not the proper height to enter a drive through entrance. Most of these ...

More About Hardwired Sensors Detectors

Hardwired alarm systems offer the biggest bang for the buck, providing that you are able to get wire from point a to point b in your alarm installation.

Hardwired alarm sensors and detectors are perfect for new construction or remodels where the walls are open and it is easy to run wire. Hardwired sensors are substantially cheaper than their wireless counterparts and because the sensors do not need batteries, they are generally much smaller in size making them less obtrusive and more appealing.

Hardwired sensors and detectors are not brand specific like wireless sensors are. They are universal and work with all brands of hardwired alarm systems such as DSC, Honeywell, GE, Napco and the like.