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Hard Wired Door Window Contacts

Hard Wired Door Window Contacts

In this category we carry some of the most commonly used window and door contacts for hardwired systems such as the Honeywell Vista Series, DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, DSC NEO Series and NetworX by Interlogix. We offer these in two varieties that can be used for different installation types. We include the recessed contacts and the surface mount contacts. Recessed contacts are installed by drilling a hole into the door jamb and door or window and window sill. They are generally preferred for door installations, but can also be used for windows. Surface mount contacts are installed by using screws or adhesive tape and mounting them to the actual surface of the door or window. Whatever your needs; you can find it here

If you don’t happen to see what you need here then can call our sales staff at 888-811-0727 and they can try and find what you’re looking for.

  • Recessed Door Window Contacts Switches

    Recessed Door Window Contacts Switches

    We offer both magnetic and mechanical plunger recessed switches. Both can be used for most doors or windows and are invisible when the door or window is in a closed state. ...

  • Surface Mount Door Window Contacts Switches

    Surface Mount Door Window Contacts Switches

    Surface mount switches will work for almost any opening. Not as concealed as a recessed switch, but sometimes easier to use. We do offer some quite small surface mount types though. ...

More About Hard Wired Door Window Contacts

The recessed contacts that you’ll find here come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have our commonly used 3/8” diameter contacts. You can get the regular style with the reed switch side and a stub magnet like the TANE STB38TCBR (brown) or the TANE STB38TCWH (white). With these you will have to drill a hole into the door jamb or window sill for the reed switch and then into the door or window for the magnet. These are the most commonly used by our customers for door installations. We also have these in ten packs which are the TANE STB38TCWH 3/8" Recessed White Contact 10 Pack and the TANE STB38TCBR 3/8" Recessed Brown Contact 10 Pack.

The next style of 3/8” contacts are somewhat similar to the first ones that we described, but instead of having a stub magnet that gets installed by drilling into the door or window; these come with a flatter rare earth magnet. The rare earth magnets are great for those people who have doors or windows that may have a warranty and by drilling into it may void that warranty. The rare earth magnets may be installed using an adhesive such as silicone or a tiny center set screw. We have these in white (STB38TCDMWH) and brown (STB38TCDMBR).We also, to save you a little money, have these in ten packs of white (TAN-STB38TCDMWH) and brown (TAN-STB38TCDMBR)

We also have differently designed recessed contacts for certain uses. We have rollerball style contacts. These contacts can be used if you’d just rather not put a magnet on a door or window. The rollerball switches are installed in the door jamb or window sill and when the door or window is closed the rollerball button is depressed closing the loop. We have these is white (SINGLE-TAN-22TCWH) and brown (SINGLE-TAN-22TCBR). These also come in packs of ten in white (TAN-22TCWH) and brown (TAN-22TCBR).

The last recessed contact that we offer is the ¾” switch that is specially made for installation in metal doors. The reed switch and magnet both have a protective shielding around them to keep the switch and magnet from coming in contact with the metal so as to not sap the magnet of its strength over time. We have these in white (SINGLE-TAN-34TCWH) and brown (SINGLE-TAN-34TCBR). They come in ten packs of white (TAN-34TCWH) and brown (TAN-34TCBR) as well.

The next type of contacts we offer for doors and windows are the surface mount contacts. As mentioned above; you will install these on doors and window surfaces using screws or adhesive tape instead of drilling. The first, most commonly ordered surface mount contacts are the mini-surface mount contacts. These are 2” long and a little over 0.25” wide and can be mounted on the top and side of a door or bottom and side of a window. You’ll use either screws or adhesive tape to secure them and they will trigger when the door or window are opened. They come in white (SINGLE-TAN-60QCWH) and brown (SINGLE-TAN-60QCBR). They also come in ten packs of white (TAN-60QCWH) and brown (TAN-60QCBR).

The other surface contacts we sell quite a few of are they PILL contacts. These are the size of a gel cap pill and are perfect for lesser visibility and also for installations with very little space. They also, besides being able to be mounted on the surface, can be installed in the tracks of window to hide them. These are solely mounted with adhesive tape. We have them in white (SINGLE-TAN-PILL-TCWH) and brown (SINGLE-TAN-PILL-TCBR). They, like the others, come in ten packs of white (TAN-PILL-TCWH) or brown (TAN-PILL-TCBR).

Another surface mount that we carry are the window venting contacts. These come in white (GRI VS06WH) and brown (GRI VS06BR) and we only currently sell them in singles. What the window venting contacts are good for is to let you raise your window up to six inches while still allowing you to arm the system. This was you can get some fresh air circulating through your home while still feeling protected. We have many more contacts to choose from in our Specialty Contacts section. These are for specialty situations such as protecting a garage door or a set of basement windows. We carry a floor mount garage door contact and track mounted garage door contact as well. We also have a special trigger bar for going across basement windows (GE-BB1GS). There are also various other switches in that section as well for you to choose from.