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GE Simon XT Wireless Sensors and Remotes

GE Simon XT Wireless Sensors and Remotes

The following wireless sensors and remotes are compatible with all GE Simon Alarm Systems, including the new Simon XT model.
GE 13-950 low current draw external siren
GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob GEC-600-1064-95R
GE 60-578-10-95 Wireless Pendant Panic
GE 60-639-95R / NX480 Wireless Motion
GE 60-652-95 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
GE 60-670-95R / NX450 standard door or window transmitter
GE 60-742-95R Wireless Freeze Sensor
GE 60-807-95R / NX481 Pet Immune Wireless Motion
GE 60-873-95 / NX488 Wireless Glassbreak Detector
GE Simon XT 2-Way Wireless Talking Touch Screen Keypad
GE TX1510-01-1 / 60-741-95 recessed wireless door transmitter
GE-TX6010011 Wireless Smoke Detector
Interlogix TXE-201 Wireless Door Window Sensor
Interlogix TXE221 Recessed Door - Window Sensor
Interlogix TXE401 Wireless Tilt Sensor
Optex BX80NR Outdoor PIR Perimeter Detector
RE104 wireless driveway / vehicle sensor for GE

More About GE Simon XT Wireless Sensors and Remotes

All GE Simon Alarms Systems and accessories come with a full parts & labor warranty of one year.