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GE Interlogix

GE Interlogix

Interlogix is a United Technologies subsidiary that is comprised of several very popular security brands. You may recognize some of these former brand names such as GE Security, Caddx and ITI to name a few.

Within this category you will find the NetworX, Simon and AdvisorOne series of alarm systems, as well as all the various accessories we offer for them.


More About GE Interlogix

About Interlogix

Interlogix is the latest iteration of GE Security and one of the biggest names in the security industry. They have taken the torch for all the great alarm systems to continue their legacy while also forging a new one. Interlogix still offers some of the well known security panels like NetworX, Simon XT, and Simon XTi-5. But they have also moved on to their own flagship alarm system: the AdvisorOne. Interlogix has plenty of options to fit whatever your needs or wants may be. Whether you have a new construction, are remodeling, or retrofitting; commercial or residential: Interlogix will almost definitely have an alarm system that will work for you.

For ease of navigation, we have broken up all of the equipment for Interlogix into four categories. The first is Interlogix Alarm System and Kits. This is usually are great place to start when shopping for your alarm system. You can look at the Interlogix models that we offer and choose the base that works the best for you. You can pick between hardwired and wireless or even a combination. Once you have decided on the model you can see which kit works for you or if you just want to buy the alarm system by itself.

The first alarm system line is called NetworX. The NetworX line is a hardwired/wireless hybrid system. By default it is hardwired, but a wireless receiver can be added easily to give you the capability to add wireless devices as well. NetworX are ideal for new construction. They can also be used to replace an old hardwired system. This can be especially useful if you would also like to expand the system because you can add wireless devices to expand to areas where there are currently no wires. There are four models within this line of alarm panels: NX-4, NX-6, NX-8, and NX-8E. The four models have a nearly identical feature list. The main difference between them is their capacities with zones being the most critical of these. The smallest panel, the NX-4, has the ability to have up to 8 hardwired or wireless. Going a step up, the NX-6 can do up to 16 zones. 12 of those zones can be hardwired with up to 16 wireless zones. The NX-6 will work for many homes and apartments. The NX-8 can be expanded to handle up to 48 hardwired or wireless zones. The NX-8 is generally a great sized system for middle or larger sized residential installations. The largest NetworX panel is the NX-8E. This panel has the capacity for an impressive amount of zones: 192 wireless or hardwired. While this is usually overkill for all but the largest residential applications, it can work perfectly for some commercial installations. The NetworX line, with the proper communicator, is compatible with services as well.

The second alarm system is the Simon XT. The Simon XT is a very popular all-in-one wireless alarm system. It was ahead of its time as far as ease of programming and user-friendly features. And in many ways it still is. While there may be other panels out there that are easier to program, they are all touch screen systems that have an inherent advantage due to their graphic user interface. But if you are looking for a wireless system that is very easy on your wallet as well as easy to use, you should give the Simon XT a close look. The Simon XT is designed to be used in nearly any house, apartment, or condominium. It can have up to 40 total zones with up to 2 of those being hardwired normally closed zones. In addition to all the great user features that come standard with the Simon XT, it is also compatible with

The third Interlogix alarm system is the Simon XTi-5. On the surface the Simon XTi-5 has a completely different look than the Simon XT. It features an updated case design to improve its aesthetic appeal with the centerpiece being its 5” LCD touch screen. In many ways though, the Simon XTi-5 is just like the Simon XT. It uses all the same peripheral wireless devices and has the exact same zone and user code capacity as well as having similar user features. Other than the looks of the system, the biggest upgrade is the addition of the graphic user interface. This icon based menu interface is incredibly easy to navigate, in a very similar fashion to today’s smartphones. The main screen has various status icons that can be checked quickly and easily just by looking at them. And they are actionable as well, which means that you can tap them to find more information. The arming menu is also very easy to use. It gives you all the modes and options on one screen so that you can quickly determine how you would like the alarm system to arm. As with the previous generations, the Simon XTi-5 is compatible with as well.

Last, but not least, we carry the AdvisorOne. It is the newest of the alarm systems from Interlogix. The AdvisorOne is a high-end self-contained wireless alarm system. The first thing that you will notice about the panel is the large 7 inch touch screen. Because of the prominence of the screen, Interlogix has added the ability to customize background and screensaver using your own pictures or images. The AdvisorOne has the power to cover large homes and commercial sights. It can have up to 100 zones. 95 of those zones are reserved for wireless. 5 zones are for hardwired input. And you can select the resistance setting for wire supervision purposes. This makes the AdvisorOne a viable option for doing a hardwired takeover. The user interface has some parallels with the Simon XTi-5, offering at-a-glance system status and an easy to use graphic interface. The AdvisorOne has some great convenience features beyond just being an alarm system. It has apps so that you can check local weather, news, and traffic.

The next category is for the various Interlogix keypads. We have those further broken down into the lines of alarm systems to aid you in determining which keypads are compatible with the alarm system that you have or have chosen. Many people decide they only need one keypad that is accessible from every entry point. Others like to have one by each entry door or even one in the master bedroom for additional convenience and possibly shorter delay times. The AdvisorOne has one style of remote keypad called the Advisor TouchScreen keypad. It gives you pretty much all the usability of the main panel while adding additional convenience by being able to place the keypads where ever you may want. The Simon XT and Simon XTi-5 have a great keypad called the Simon XT Talking Touch Screen. This keypad has a great interface with the ease of use of a touch screen. It also is able to annunciate just like the main panels. NetworX has the largest selection of keypads. There are two basic styles: LED and LCD. The LED keypads work well as a secondary keypad for arming and disarming. They are less expensive, but also have limitations on the number of zones as well as other usability features. The LCD style keypads feature a customizable alphanumeric screen that supports up to 192 zones. This allows some nicer day to day functionality like creating custom zone labels. It also helps in programming so that you are not doing it completely blind. Another option that we have with the LCD style keypad is a built-in wireless receiver so that you can expand your NetworX alarm panel with wireless security and safety devices. With all the options, hopefully you will find a combination that strikes the balance that you need between need, price, usability, and convenience.

The third category includes the various modules, accessories, and communicators that are used to customize your alarm system. Once again, most of the options in this category are for the NetworX line since it is the most modular and customizable of the alarm system lines. The all-in-one wireless systems will generally come with everything you need at a minimum with, usually, only a communicator needing to be added if needed. In this category you find things like the NX216: a 16 hardwired zone expansion module for a NetworX alarm panel. If you need more than the initial on board hardwired zone capabilities, it will allow you to add more. There is the NX548E 48 zone wireless receiver module. This will allow you to add up to 48 wireless security zones to your NetworX system. And if you need additional power to drive another siren or run more keypads on your NetworX alarm system, the NX320E power supply module is for you.

The final category is Interlogix Wireless Sensors. Here you will find all the wireless devices that are compatible with wireless capable Interlogix alarm systems. You will find a complete line of devices, often with multiple choices so that you can find the specific device to fit your need, budget, and aesthetic value. The first thing you should consider is your first line of defense. These are going to be your perimeter door and window contacts. There are various door and window contacts: from the standard (60-670-95R) to the micro (TX-1012-01-1) to the recessed (TX-1510-01-1). From there you should look at the second line of defense using motion detectors (60-807-95R) and glassbreak detectors (60-873-95). We also recommend adding some safety devices like smoke detectors (TX-6010-01-1) and carbon monoxide detectors (600-6520-95). This is especially true if you have central station monitoring since it is included in the price.