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GE Caddx NetworX Wireless Devices

GE Caddx NetworX Wireless Devices

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Interlogix TXE401 Wireless Tilt Sensor
Interlogix TXE221 Recessed Door - Window Sensor
Interlogix TXE-201 Wireless Door Window Sensor
INTERLOGIX TX-E721 PIR Motion Detector With Pet Immunity
Interlogix TX-E611 wireless flood freeze combination sensor
Interlogix TX-E231 Wireless Door - Window Sensor with External Contact Input
Interlogix SDX-135Z Wireless Smoke Detector with Heat and Freeze Sensor
Interlogix 600-6520-95 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sensor
Interlogix 60-362N-10-319.5 Wireless Door - Window Sensor
GE Caddx NX548E Fourty-Eight Zone Wireless Receiver
GE 60-873-95 / NX488 Wireless Glassbreak Detector
GE 60-807-95R / NX481 Pet Immune Wireless Motion
GE 60-742-95R Wireless Freeze Sensor
GE 60-670-95R / NX450 standard door or window transmitter
GE 4-Button Micro Keyfob GEC-600-1064-95R

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