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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

All of the alarm systems we sell can have various fire alarm sensors added to them, however if you are looking for a dedicated or commercial rated fire alarm system we offer the following choices.

Note: We do not provide system design or technical support for these particular mfgs.

More About Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Lite and Silent Knight are both very popular brands of commercial grade fire alarm systems owned under the Honeywell umbrella of companies.

Although all of the general security alarm systems we offer such as the DSC and Honeywell Vista Series can do fire protection as well as burglary, they are not rated and approved for commercial, industrial or institutional use as a fire alarm system. The Fire Lite and Silent Knight fire alarm systems found in these categories fill that void.

Fire Lite and Silent Knight systems are both dedicated fire alarm panels. They are not designed or capable of doing anything but that and they do it well. Both brands offer all the capability that may be needed in a commercial installation such as:

  • smoke detectors
  • heat detectors
  • duct detectors
  • pull stations
  • sprinker system pressure / flow switches