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DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems

DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems

Dsc Touch is an all-in-one wireless touchscreen wireless alarm system from DSC. The new DSC Touch system lets users have a total home experience with its home management and interactive security features.

Based on Google's Android operating system; the DSC Touch uses Bluetooth, WIFI and Z-wave technologies for its integration with making whole home operation a breeze. The Touch features a built-in cellular radio so that communication between and the panel can take place.

This is the next generation in home automation and security control from DSC.
DSC Touch KIT467-99VZ
$399.95 $499.95
DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT
$399.95 $499.95
DSC Touch Kit467947HAT
$399.95 $499.95
IQ2 Remote touch screen for DSC Touch
RE304 wireless driveway / vehicle sensor for DSC
ION Plunger style wireless sensor for DSC systems
DSC-WS4985 Wireless Flood Detector
DSC-WS4913 Wireless CO Detector
DSC WS4965 Tri Zone Wireless Door / Window Transmitter
DSC WS4949 Two Button Keychain Remote
DSC WS4945 Wireless Door / Window Transmitter
DSC WS4939 Four Button Keychain Remote
DSC WS4938 Single Button Wireless Panic
DSC WS4904P Wireless Motion Sensor
DSC WLS914-433 Dual Lens Wireless Pet Motion Sensor
DSC WLS912L-433 Wireless Glass Break Detector
DSC EV DW4975 Vanishing Wireless Door Window Transmitter
DSC EV DW4927 Wireless Shock Sensor With Door / Window Contact
DSC EV DW4917 Wireless Recessed Door/Window Transmitter
OPTIONAL Pre-program for DSC Systems
DSC WS4936 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke and Heat Detector

More About DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems

The DSC Touch is an all-in-one wireless system. It has pretty much everything you might need already built into the panel, no need to buy any additional modules to make it work for your situation. This state-of-the-art panel from DSC is loaded with great features. And, as with all wireless alarm systems, the only wire you have to worry about is the power wire: making installation very simple. Not only is the physical installation very easy, but the Touch’s user interface is incredibly intuitive. The menu interface allows for installation with little to no instructions needed not only for the day-to-day use of the alarm panel, but for the programming as well.

The DSC Touch is built on the Android operating system and has the capability to receive updates over WiFi as new features become available. It is adorned with a beautiful 7” touchscreen display. The great display and aesthetically pleasing lines combine with a digital picture frame app to make this panel as good-looking as it is functional. The panel comes with some beautiful photographs pre-loaded onto the panel and has other albums available for download over WiFi as well. And using the SD card slot, you can even import your own pictures onto the panel for a more personal touch.

Also on the front of the Touch, above the screen, is a 3MP camera. This camera will take pictures whenever the system is disarmed or whenever there is an alarm and you can access the captured pictures using the camera app on the Touch. As you can imagine, this opens up a lot of possibilities. You can see if someone disarms the system when it should not be disarmed. You can also get visual evidence if an alarm happens. These pictures are stored in the panel and you can use an optional passcode to protect the viewing of and/or deleting of them. Also in the camera app, you can view captured images from connected IS-214 image sensors. The 2 buttons below the screen on the Touch allow for efficient use of the panel. On the right is the home button. This button will take you out of whatever menu you are in and take you to the main screen. The button on the left is the panic button. By pushing that button you pull up 3 panic options on the screen, more if you count the silent options: police, fire, and auxiliary.

Inside the Touch is an impressive amount of hardware. There are 2 speakers. The first speaker is dedicated to the panel sounds: voice, chime, and sound effects. The second speaker is for the panel’s two-way voice. To go along with the second speaker is a microphone for the two-way voice capability as well. The Touch has a built-in siren in addition to the speakers that is rated at 91 decibels. There is an output to power an external siren if you want another siren on the system. This output is only 120 mA, so it can only power a low draw siren like the SS-300. If you want to push a more powerful siren you can use our additional power supply kit with a relay and use something like the DSC SD30W for a louder siren.

The Touch has quite a few wireless radio receivers as well. First, there is the WiFi receiver. This is used for: software updates, IP communication through, and to connect to IQ2 keypads. The IQ2 has the same look as the main Touch panel, in a more tablet-like frame. It can be mounted on the wall or used with a table stand. There is also a cellular communicator. We have both AT&T (DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT) and Verizon (DSC Touch KIT467-99VZ)communicators so that you can pick whichever network suits your location more. This completely wireless communication with the backup battery will provide communication even when the power is down. Next, the Touch has a ZWave controller. You can make your home a smart home with an array of ZWave devices connected to your alarm system. And with’s Interactive Gold you can fully automate and control your smart home. This will allow you to control your compatible ZWave devices from the panel. The Touch also comes equipped with an image sensor radio for use with the IS214; which functions not only as a camera, but as a motion sensor as well. Finally, no DSC wireless alarm system would be complete without their 433MHz wireless receiver that is compatible with all one way DSC security devices: WS4949, WS4959, WS4938, WS4939, WS4904P, WLS914-433, WS4985, EV-DW4917, WLS912L-433, WS4920, WS4945, WS4965, EV-DW4927, EV-DW4975, WS4916, and WS4913.

DSC has loaded the Touch with a great interface and useful apps. It makes everything you do on the panel intuitive and efficient. You no longer need to try to decipher a programming manual: the programming on the Touch is very straight forward. Almost everything you need to know is right there on the panel. It is either written for you in the menus or can be found in the pre-loaded help videos and FAQs. From the main screen you can quickly access just about every app on the panel with only a few taps on the screen. You can arm the system and choose any options you want. Not only can you pick from away and stay modes; but you can easily bypass zones, choose no entry delays, extended exit delay, quick exit, and silent arming. You will find the weather app, powered by This app will show the current weather right on the home screen. You can navigate into it to find a 4 day extended forecast.

The Touch is a great alarm panel. We’ve always tried to make home alarm systems accessible to the average person. With the advent of the DSC Touch, we can now make alarm systems accessible to even more people. It is a modern, fully-featured, alarm system that can turn your home into a smart home. And it is exceptionally easy-to-use even for alarm system novices.