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DSC Alarm Keypads

DSC Alarm Keypads

DSC Keypads for the DSC Power Series alarm systems. We carry all keypad styles for the Power Series line, including the newly released PK and RFK model keypads. 5508Z, 5516, 5501Z and 5500Z models.

More About DSC Alarm Keypads

If you're looking for a keypad for a replacement or your building a brand new DSC system from scratch; we offer a full line of DSC Powerseries keypads for your DSC system. These keypads come in several different models.

The first line of DSC keypads are the alpha-numeric display style keypads. Alpha-numeric keypads are recommended for programming and setting up the system and can have labels for the zones programmed so it will let you know where the trouble is instead of just reading a zone number. We recommend you have at least one.

The DSC PK5500ENG is a two-line LCD full read out hardwired keypad. This keypad will display up to 64 zones. The next keypad we offer in the alpha-numeric line if the DSC RFK5500 alpha-numeric LCD keypad with built-in 433 MHz receiver. This receiver can be used to interact with the DSC 433 MHz wireless devices. The next alphanumeric keypad we carry is the DSC RFK5564 and this keypad is mainly made for the DSC 1864, but can be used on the 1832 or the 1616 as well but you'll only get 32 zones out of it. The feature of this keypad is that not only does it have the receiver, but it can also give your DSC 1864 the full 64 wireless zones.

We also carry a line of what are referred to as Fixed-English keypads. These keypads mainly only display numeric information like zone numbers. These keypads are great for secondary keypads if you don't need anything fancy. We DO NOT recommend using these to try and program your system. Use the alpha-numeric keypads described above for that. The first is the DSC PK5501 fixed-english keypad. This keypad will read out zone numbers and allow you to view up to 32 zones. The next fixed-english keypad we have is the DSC RFK5501. This keypad is just like the PK5501 but it features a built-in receiver for interacting with DSC 433 MHz wireless devices.

Another style of DSC keypad we carry are the LED readout keypads. These feature LED lights to designate which zones may be open or in fault. These include the DSC PK5508 and the DSC PK5516. The PK5508 has 8 LED lights for zones 1-8 and the PK5516 has 16 LED lights for zones 1-16. Both of these keypads make good secondary keypads but should not be relied upon to use to program your DSC alarm with.

Lastly, for you technology lovers, we have the touchscreen style keypads from DSC. The first keypad is a wired one and will work with the PC1616, PC1832, and PC1864 systems. It is the DSC PTK5507 and it is a 8" color touchscreen with icon menu control and a photo slideshow, if you load photos, when the keypad is idle. The next touchscreen is wireless and can be used with the DSC IMPASSA, DSC Alexor, and the hardwired 1616, 1832, and 1864 if they have the DSC TR5164-433 transceiver wired into the system. The DSC WTK5504 is a wireless color touchscreen arming station. You cannot access the system's programming but this will allow system operation like arming and disarming.