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Alarm Sirens

Alarm Sirens

These self contained alarm system sirens have siren drivers built in. Self contained sirens are our most popular because they work with all systems and do not require a separate driver board.

15 Watt Indoor Dual Tone Flush Mount Siren SS70H
15 Watt Indoor Dual Tone Wall Mount Siren SS100H
20 Watt Indoor Outdoor Dual Tone Siren MG50JR
30 Watt Indoor Outdoor Dual Tone Siren M85PDS
Ademco Honeywell WAVE-2 Two Tone Siren
Ademco WAVE-2EX Two Tone Piezo Sounder
ATW PC-300 12 - 24 VDC Multi-Tone Electronic Chime
SS-300 Flush Mount Single Box Siren
ATW PB-005 piezo sounder
Elk 150RT 30 Watt Outdoor Tamper Proof Siren
POT-SSX52 Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren
POT-SSX52SA Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Amber Strobe
POT-SSX52SB Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Blue Strobe
POT-SSX52SC Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Clear Strobe
POT-SSX52SR Indoor/Outdoor 15W Siren with Red Strobe
RE116U Universal Wireless Siren
DSC WT4901 2-Way Wireless Indoor Siren
POT-SSX82 24W Indoor/Outdoor Siren