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Ademco Honeywell Vista 15P Kits

Ademco Honeywell Vista 15P Kits

The Ademco Honeywell Vista 15P is a hardwired / wireless capable hybrid that can do 6 hardwired zones out of the box, expandable up to 22 hardwired and 26 wireless.
Ademco Vista 15P control board with cabinet and transformer
Honeywell Vista 15P 6160 alarm system kit
Honeywell Vista 15P 6160RF alarm system kit
Honeywell Vista 15P 6160V alarm system kit

More About Ademco Honeywell Vista 15P Kits

The Honeywell Vista 15P is a mid-range hybrid system in Honeywell’s offerings of intrusion security products. The Vista 15P is a hardwired system with 6 on-board hardwired zones. It can be expanded to have up to 22 hardwired zones. Honeywell has also made it possible to add a wireless receiver so that the system can utilize Honeywell’s 5800 wireless line with up to 26 wireless zones. The size of the Vista 15P is suitable for small to mid-sized homes. The Vista 15P from Honeywell Security is a highly modular alarm system with a lot of awesome end-user features such as single button arming, Z-Wave home automation, and even third-party product availability. If you are looking for a flexible, mid-sized panel from one of the biggest and longest tenured companies in the industry, the Vista 15P will work wonderfully for you.

The Vista 15P has 6 hardwired zones out of the box on the panel. The first zone is designed for use with 2-wire smoke detectors as it seamlessly provides the power and sensor reset function for that zone with no additional programming. You can have up to 16 2-wire smoke detectors wired in parallel on zone 1. And 2-wire smoke detectors must go to zone 1. It can also be used for any sensor, but it must have an end of line resistor. The other on-board zones can be customized to include end of line resistors or be programmed as normally closed or normally open. From there two zone expanders such as the 4219 8 zone expansion module can be added to bring the total up to 22 hardwired zones. End of line resistor use is selected using dip switches on the zone expander for the entire expansion board. To add wireless zones you will need to add a 6160RF or a 5881ENM or 5881ENH. On the 15P the zones that can be used for wireless are zones 9 through 34. You can utilize all 22 of these zones with the 6160RF and the 5881ENH. But if you are using a 5881ENM you can only have 16 wireless zones (9-24). The 15P also has 8 zones dedicated to wireless keys: 49-56. Each button on a key fob will take up one zone on the 15P. And remember that your home alarm system can be used to protect you against more than just intrusion when you add fire alarm devices, carbon monoxide sensors and environmental sensors. There is a full array of wireless and hardwired sensors beyond intrusion protection: smoke detectors and heat sensors, water sensors and temperature sensors for instance.

There are many ways for the Vista 15P to communicate, for both traditional central station and self monitoring. The panel has a built-in landline telephone dialer for alarm communication to a central station. It can also be programmed to call any number with the pager function. Honeywell also has a few other options for alternate means of communication over cellular (with the GSMX4G or CDMA-X) or IP (with the 7847i). When using these communicators for central station monitoring you can also set up with Honeywell’s Total Connect service. Remember: you will need central station monitoring to use Total Connect. By adding a Tuxedo Touch keypad or a Vista Automation Module (VAM), you can even get home automation features that can then be controlled remotely through Total Connect. has released a communication module that is backwards compatible with the Vista 15P called the System Enhancement Module (SEM). The SEM from communicates over the Verizon network and also has a built-in Z-Wave controller to give you access to’s smart home features. can be used for self monitoring only or in conjunction with central station monitoring. We also have a few IPDatatel communicators that are fully compatible with the Vista 15P such as the BAT CDMA which is a dual path communicator for both IP and cellular communication. And of course the popular EnvisaLink 4 IP interface module is compatible as well.

The Vista 15P can be bought separately or in one of three kits. When purchasing the Vista 15P; Honeywell packages the panel with the cabinet, transformer, cabinet lock, resistors, user guide, and programming guide. In addition to the above, the three kits all come with an IS3035 motion detector, a Wave2 siren, a 4Ahr backup battery, an RJ31X telephone jack and cord set, and 4 alarm warning window decals. The kits are differentiated based on the keypad that they come with: the 6160, 6160RF, and 6160V. These are all very similar keypads in the 6160 line. We recommend having at least one of the 6160 style keypads on the system for programming. The 6160 is a standard customizable alphanumeric keypad. The 6160RF is the same keypad with a built-in wireless receiver so that you can add any of Honeywell’s 5800 line of wireless sensors. The 6160V adds voice prompting with a set list of vocabulary which can be very convenient for door chimes to know which door is opened.