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DSC PowerSeries NEO system kit builder

Choose the type of system you would like to build

Tell us what kind of system you are looking to build. You can choose an all hardwired system, or you can choose to use both wired and wireless components by choosing a hybrid system. There are a few components you will need to wire even if you choose all wireless devices, i.e. transformer, wireless transceiver.


System Size

Here, you will choose the max number of zones you will need for your system. A zone generally refers to 1 sensor on your system. The HS2032 can handle 32 total zones, the HS2064 can handle 64, etc. The most common systems are 32 zone panels. If you need more than 128 total zones, please contact us to figure out your options.

Required Power Components

These are items required to power your system, they are added automatically and cannot be removed.

Extra Wire and Installation Items

If you need additional wire it can be added here. Everything that will be wired to your system, except the transformer from the previous step and sirens, will use 22 gauge wire. Any powered device like motions or glass breaks will need 4 wire connections, so we recommend using rolls of 22 gauge 4 conductor. The other options are listed below though.

Wireless Receiver

To use wireless devices, you must have one receiver on your system. There are 2 types of receivers, stand-alone modules, and keypads with built-in receivers. Choose which you would like.

Wired Zone Expanders

Hardwired systems only come with 8 zones on the main board. You will need a zone expander for EACH additional HARDWIRED 8 zones for your system. You do NOT need zone expanders for wireless devices. Add the number of zone expanders you will need.

Keypad Selection

Use this step to decide the type of keypads that you want on your system. Most of these need to be wired. Only the one with WF in the title is a wireless keypad.