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DSC Alarm System Kits

Choose the model / series you are interested in to see all the kits and packages available for that model.
DSC Power 1616 Alarm Systems
The DSC Power 1616 Alarm System can do up to six hardwired zones out of the box and is expandable to 16 maximum wired or wireless.
DSC Power 1832 Alarm Systems
The DSC Power 1832 alarm system is mid level model that can do up to 8 hardwired zones out of the box and is expandable to 32 maximum wired or wireless. This is our most popular model and we have many different kits for this model.
DSC Power 1864 Alarm Systems
The DSC Power 1864 alarm system is top of the line model that can do up to 8 hardwired zones out of the box and is expandable to 64 maximum wired, of which up to 64 (Using RFK5564 keypad) can be wireless.
DSC Touch Wireless Alarm Systems
DSC Touch is an all-in-one wireless alarm system capable of up to 59 wireless sensor zones and 242 different user codes The DSC Touch also features built-in Bluetooth, WIFI and Cellular communications modules.
DSC Impassa Wireless Alarm Systems
DSC Impassa is a two way self contained wireless alarm system capable of up to 32 wireless sensors and 16 different user codes.
Choosing the model and finding the best kit for you is the best place to start when building a complete alarm system. If you are interested in having a hardwired system, DSC has the PowerSeries line for you. They have three models with the PowerSeries line. The 1616, 1832, and 1864 each have increasing larger maximum zone capacities. We carry various kits that DSC has put together. These will have various basics such as a keypad, transformer, and backup battery that are needed on every system as well as a few other accessories; to give you a solid base to build your home alarm system from. If you are looking for an easy to install all wireless system, DSC has three models to choose from. The Alexor features a separate main board that can be located safely and centrally. It can then have up to four wireless keypads placed in usable locations. The Impassa is DSCís basic self-contained wireless panel. It has the keypad, backup battery, siren, wireless receiver, main board, and communicator all within the panel. The Impassa is now compatible as well. For the top-of-the-line, easy-to-install, all-in-one wireless security and home automation panel; DSC has introduced the Touch. The Touch has nearly everything that you could want built-in to the panel at a reasonable price.

The Power 1616 is an affordable hardwired system that is great for most small residential applications. Out of the box, the 1616 is an all hardwired system that has 6 on board hardwired zones. It can be expanded up to 16 hardwired zones with the use of an 8 zone hardwired expansion module and 2 keypad zones. In addition, the system can hold up to 32 wireless zones as long as there is an attached wireless receiver. This allows the 1616 to scale up nicely depending on your needs. It has 2 PGM outputs on board as well. The 1616 also allows for 2 partitions, 48 user codes, and 8 keypads.

The Power 1832 is DSCís mid-range, and most popular, PowerSeries panel. While it does not offer a significant size upgrade over the 1616 due to the 1616 allowing 32 wireless zones, the 1832 does offer more flexibility by having 8 hardwired zones onboard and allowing up 32 hardwired zones via three 8 zone hardwired expansion modules. Like the 1616, the 1832 has 2 PGM outputs onboard and can have up to 8 keypads. The 1832 doubles the partitions to 4 and increases the total user codes to 72.

DSCís largest PowerSeries system is the Power 1864. Overall the 1864 panelís maximum capacity doubles that of the 1832 panel. Much like the 1832, it still has 8 onboard hardwired zones. It can be expanded up to 64 hardwired zones with the addition of up to seven 8 hardwired zone expansion modules. The Power 1864 can accommodate up to 64 wireless zones with a 64 zone wireless receiver added to the system either via a RFK 5564 keypad or a TR5164 wireless transceiver. This system is big enough to cover all but the largest applications. The 1864 adds two more PGM outputs onboard for a total of 4 and can be split into up to 8 partitions. It also has the ability of holding up to 95 unique user codes for all your access needs.

The first of DSCís wireless offerings is the Alexor. Like all wireless systems, the physical installation is a breeze. There is only one required wire: from the power transformer to the panel. Everything else is completely wireless and, in most cases, can just be stuck onto the wall. One of the biggest advantages of the Alexor compared to almost any other all wireless system is that the main board can be placed away from any of the keypads. This could be high up on a wall or more centrally located for both better wireless signal reception and added security. It may not be as easily found for someone to try to smash it. The Alexor allows for up to 32 wireless zones, 4 wireless keypads, 16 wireless keys, and 16 user codes. It is also compatible with DSCís wireless sirens. The Alexor is a good size for most medium sized locations.

The Impassa is a self-contained wireless system. It has all the basic components to an alarm system built into the panel, except for the sensors; including the keypad, the siren, and the communicator. This makes the installation of the Impassa even easier than the Alexor. The system capabilities of the Impassa are very similar to the Alexor. The Impassa also has a two-way voice capability. It also is compatible, giving you the power to remotely control your system and get real-time notifications from it.

The DSC Touch is DSCís latest all wireless system. It is a truly ďall-in-oneĒ system. The Touch gives you not only an alarm system, but also a Z-Wave controller for home automation that can be controlled straight on the panel. It also comes equipped with dual-path communicator and is compatible with all of their interactive services. It features a great looking 7Ē touchscreen LCD that not only looks sleek on the wall, but also has a digital picture frame feature that will show a slideshow of your pictures when the panel is idle. It has a camera that can be set to take pictures on arm/disarm and alarm events. The panel has a built-in siren and speaker for two-way voice and automated voice annunciation. The Touch also has a larger capacity than DSCís other wireless systems. It can accommodate up to 59 wireless sensors. It has more user codes than you will probably need with 252. Not only is the Touch as easy to install as the other wireless systems, but it is just as easy to program. The user interface for programming is incredibly intuitive and will allow you to program the system without too much difficulty.